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Crystal PendantS


Whether you're into metaphysics or not, crystals are beautiful pieces of jewelry that can help with anything from sleeping better to having more focus. Crystals, just like us are living beings, ascending into a higher divine nature. Each crystal is about 1.5 in to 2in long, and comes with a hemp cord about 18in to tie around the neck. Each piece has reiki healing energy.

In order of appearance:

Citrine| a yellow to orange variety of quartz. This stone helps with clear thinking, abundance and prosperity, individuality, and self confidence. This stone is also called the merchant's stone.

Sodalite| a blue rock crystal reminiscent of the surface of Earth's surface. This stone protects against pyschic and physical attacks, and electromagnetic frequencies. Boost communication, helps with public speaking, aids in clairvoyance for meditation.

Amethyst| a violet variety of quartz. This is known as a beginner's stone. It's highly protective, heals and cleans aura, prevents nightmares when placed under pillow, and sharpens intuition

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