These earrings have leadership skills! They are the perfect mesh between natural and flair.

The tassel is 3 inches handmade from silk
The number represents the color of the tassel on the chart.
Each finding is hypoallergenic.
The clip ons have a piece of silicone for comfort.


  • Magenta. (21)- post Sold Out
  • Magenta (21) clip on Sold Out
  • Teal (18) -post
  • Teal (18)-clip on
  • Cream (3)-post
  • Cream (3)-clip on
  • Lemon (8)-post
  • Lemon (8)-clip on
  • Red (9)-post
  • Red (9)-clip on
  • Black (15)-post
  • Black (15)-clip on
  • Navy (16)-post
  • Navy(16)-clip on
  • Orange (10)-post
  • Orange (10)-clip on
  • Light Coral pink-post
  • Burgundy(27) post
  • Sage (7)-post