Anthony J’s Collection


This collection is inspired by one of my favorite darlings. This collection can be worn with multiple necklaces, or just one. They can also be the statement piece of an ensemble. It's a unisex collection comprised of all natural materials: bone, coconut wood, lava, and brass.

Each necklace is about 16 to 18 in long. Necklaces 1, 3, and 4 can be customized with the mask shown (kabuki). View the slender mask and additional pics @Doohicky_craftique on instagram.

Necklace 1- the majority of the necklace is coconut wood, accented with bone and brass
Necklace 2- This necklace is all bone with a sun/moon brass accent and brass beads.
Necklace 3- made of all palm wood beads
Necklace 4- made of black sea jasper, black volcanic lava, and a sun/ moon brass accent

Mask are made from wood.


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  • kabuki mask (wide)
  • Warrior mask